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Our second event this year and this time we have some great talks about Angular Ivy! As the health and safety of our community is our top priority and therefore, this event will be a virtual event hosted online.

The link to the live stream will be shared soon!

🎤🎙️- Speakers:

  • Martina Kraus: Martina is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and web technologies. As a senior frontend developer, she focuses on implementing highly scalable software solutions with Angular and WebAssembly. Besides giving workshops as an Angular trainer, she founded RheinNeckarJS, is a core member of the ngGirls Team, and co-organizes the local Angular Leipzig user group and the German Angular conference NG-DE.

  • Siddharth Ajmera: Siddharth is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies currently based out in Sydney. As a Sr. Full Stack JavaScript Developer he works on Digital Transformation Engagements for his Organization. Apart from his regular 9-5 Job, he is an Angular and Firebase instructor on Udemy, writes Articles and creates YouTube videos. You can find him almost anywhere on the Web with SiddAjmera.


🕧 18.00 - Intro

🕧 18.05 - Talk #1: The Rise of a new Engine: Angular Ivy

This talk will introduce you to the core principles of the new compiler Ivy. You will learn about the component factories and injection, the locality principle and the new features shipped with Ivy. In a hands-on deep dive session, we will figure out why the bundle size will be so much smaller with the new renderer. After the talk, you will have a basic understanding of how to use Ivy and all the new benefits for developing Angular applications.

🕧 18.40 - Q&A and a small break

🕧 18.45 - Talk #2: Ivy - The Present and The Future

This talk will introduce you to the new features that Ivy brings to Angular. We’ll go through the Designs Goals of Ivy and you’ll learn about a few new features that Ivy enables at present. the new possibilities on how to develop Angular Apps in the future. A few features that you’ll learn about are Dynamic Component Loading, the new debugging utility in Angular, etc. After that, you’ll also learn what Angular will be able to offer in the near future. So we’ll go through a few new API to render components with the Component Factory Resolver, load Angular Components without the need of an Angular Module, implement HoCs and perform Change Detection without using Zones. All these will be shown by examples. After the talk, you will be well aware of these shiny new Angular features that you can and will be able to use in the near future.

🕧 19.15 - Q&A