Why F#

Presented 17/02/2020 at the dotnet.Amsterdam meetup.


Why F# This talk is a gentle introduction to F#. We will look at some important concepts of functional programming, and learn why they are getting more adoption in the modern software industry. We will discuss F# as a functional-first language in .NET ecosystem, why it simplifies the functional style of programming, and how learning F# will make your C# code better too. …

Bio: Mikhail Shilkov

Mikhail Shilkov is a Microsoft Azure MVP, Russian ex-pat living in the Netherlands. He is passionate about cloud technologies, functional programming and the intersection of the two.

In his spare time, you can find him answering “azure-functions” questions on StackOverflow, tweeting as @MikhailShilkov about serverless, blogging about functional programming at https://mikhail.io, or presenting the stories of serverless and functional adoption at conferences and meetups.