Azure Functions internals and future direction

Presented 01/04/2019 at the dotnet.Amsterdam meetup.

Azure Functions: internals and future direction - Eduardo Laureano

Azure Functions has been a popular growing service due to how simple it makes for developers, IT-pros and data professionals to build applications in the cloud.

But how does Microsoft deliver on the serverless promise? What’s next for serverless and FaaS (Functions as a service)?

This talk will go through some of the most popular aspects of Azure Functions and provide details of how it works. It will also paint the picture of what’s next, with some concepts demonstrated in practice.

Eduardo Laureano, principal PM lead, Microsoft Eduardo focuses on building serverless products on Azure, currently leading product management for Azure Functions.

He has been at Microsoft for over 15 years, with the last 5 years on PaaS and FaaS application development. Eduardo’s passion is on helping others make their application development journey as easy as possible. He also swims, bikes and runs occasionally :-)

You can find him on twitter at

Asavari Tayal, PM, Microsoft

Asavari is a Product Manager for Azure Functions and App Service. She is passionate about building features and experiences that can enable users from various programming backgrounds and developer communities to build smart solutions for their business and daily problems.

You can find her at twitter at