All-in on Cloud; How We Moved from Million Euro Worth of Hardware to Azure PaaS

Presented 01/11/2018 at the dotnet.Amsterdam meetup.

All-in on Cloud - How We Moved from Million Euro Worth of Hardware to Azure PaaS

Astrata collects telemetry from tens of thousands of vehicles throughout Europe. For many years all the back-end services were hosted on bare-metal self-managed hardware.

By the end of 2017, the decision was made to join the cloud era and move all business-critical workloads to Microsoft Azure. And along the migration, applications were modernized to leverage higher level Platform-as-a-Service whenever feasible.

During this session Mikhail will guide you through this migration story from making the decision to lessons learned, looking from developer and operations points of view.

Mikhail Shilkov is a Microsoft Azure MVP, Russian expat living in the Netherlands.

He is passionate about cloud technologies, functional programming and the intersection of the two.

In his spare time, you can find him answering “azure-functions” questions on StackOverflow, tweeting as @MikhailShilkov about serverless, blogging about functional programming at , or presenting the stories of serverless and functional adoption at conferences and meetups.